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Steam Deck - First Impressions

Recently I got the notification that my Steam Deck was ready and has shipped and for the past three days or so I have been testing it out and using it so I though I would write a post about my first impressions and maybe writing another post later going into more detail once I feel I have used it long enough for my opinions to form completely and for any problems to come out if there are any. So let me begin. The first thing I want to talk about is the look and feel of the device, probably the most important thing to nail for a hand held device. And to my surprises for the form factor it feels great! It looks like it would be clunky to hold being so much bigger than something like the Nintendo Switch, but at least for my hands it fits great and all of the controls also have good feedback without also being annoying or noisy. However at least for me the back paddles I personally have a hard time clicking them, not because they are difficult to click I think its just because of not expec