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What does your VPN really do to your web traffic? (a deep dive into HTTPS)

We have all seen the ads, right? If you have not, I would question how you are reading this article while turning your butter but anyway, let’s talk about VPNs (this is going to be spicy). I know we have also all heard about the "benefits" of using a VPN, such as "privacy", "security", and using that sketchy Wi-Fi that showed up while you were at the strip. So why don't we talk about what it does shall we?  First "privacy". Now yes, it might improve it to a point at least by masking your IP however there are so many other ways that you are tracked online that are not your IP that the benefit would be very little. For example, your browser dimensions, cookies, installed extensions, etc. These are all sent through the VPN and allow the service at the other end to identify you through the VPN anyway, and another point I made add. What do most people do with their VPN? I would say use services online, and what do most services have? A login! You’