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Switching to JetBrains

I have been a Visual Studio Code user for years now, it has been the IDE of choice for almost all my projects. But recently after some debating I have decided to give JetBrains a try. JetBrains if you don't know is the maker of IDE's such as PyCharm, IntelliJ, and more. For years I have looked at that pesky price tag and said to myself who would buy that. Now I am that person, after years of Visual Studio Code it has finally annoyed me enough to swallow that price tag. Let me explain. The reason I used Visual Studio Code was because of the flexibility, just install an extension for just about any feature you can think of and bam, its in VSCode. And it is still flexible with the thousands of community made extensions that can add almost any feature you want. Then you could just open any file and be ready developing in whatever language or even just to view the contents of a file with a nice style. However the more features that get added the more the bad part of VSCode starts to