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Why you should disable PowerShell

Microsoft has now included Windows PowerShell in every version of Windows 10 and up. PowerShell is a great tool for automation and for easily making Windows scripts, much of a improvement over the Batch language. However for the average user I have some concerns of it being installed and enabled automatically. If PowerShell is such a good tool then why would I want it to be disabled by default you may be asking, well because with all that power comes the ability for it to be abused to infect users with hard to detect malware. If you did not know its very easy to invoke PowerShell scripts through any application and bypass execution policy, you can put the command in a Batch script or built it into an EXE or even execute it using almost any programming language so invoking it is easier than you think especially as its included with all version of Windows so you always know its going to be in there. However just invoking is not the big issue as that would be the same with Batch, the issu