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Danger in shortcuts

Shortcuts, personally I never really use them. They link to a program slash file to run it or to make it easier to execute with arguments such as open minimized window. But I decided to give them a relook with the new Powershell program bundled in with all Windows installations and even released for Linux. Shortcuts if you did not know can pass arguments into the program or file it has been linked to. Usually you use this if for example you want to configure a program to launch silently using lets say a -silent flag. Well just add that into the shortcut and it will launch with that argument without having to open a shell. So what about Powershell? Well it has a interesting flag called " -Command ". The command flag allows you to pass a command or potentially even an entire script into the Powershell process that will be started. Interestingly this means an entire script can run in memory without being stored on disk at all, the most insane version of anti-malware avoidance. N

New Blog!

 Hey everyone!  I decided maybe I should remake my brand as I have not really did anything with it in a very long time so you all may be seeing the new logo, new backgrounds, and the revamped discord. Along with that I have been adding custom redirect URLS for all my social platforms into my domain Also I have decided maybe I should make a main page or more accurately a blog where I can post more updates about me and what I am working on so using Blogger I have created this page. I will post stuff I find interesting and updates on myself. Here is a dump of all the new links you have probably already seen me posting everywhere lmao GitHub Discord YouTube Steam and now Blog Thanks everyone, see you all in the next update.